You want to avoid trouble with the neighbours? 
You want to play whenever you feel like it? 
Your family should not discover the brilliance of your piano playing?

Silent-Systems PianoDisc QuietTime

The installation of our PianoDisc QuietTime GT-2 silent system is the right choice for you! With this system you can either thump away and be heard just as before, or you switch on the mute rail and listen to your music over headphones: your audience will hear nothing.

The system can be fitted to almost any piano. 
The sound is produced electronically via light sensors under the keys. 
The control unit also has a record-and-playback feature which allows you to monitor your own playing by recording and listening to pieces. 
Supplied with headphones and transformer.

Specifications PianoDisc QuietTime GT-2 upright piano:

Sounds: piano and organ 
Audio-In and Audio-Out 
MIDI-In and MIDI-Thru 

Price including installation: from 1.295,- € incl. VAT. 
(price example for a Yamaha U1, plus transport to our workshop

Specifications PianoDisc QuietTime MagicStar (for grand pianos):

Sounds: 2x piano, 2x strings, piano and strings, cembalo, e-piano, organ 
Effects for hall, chorus, equalizer, dynamic curves, tuning, transposition 
Understated control unit thanks to a compact design 
Energy saving funcion: Auto-power-off 

Price including installation: from 2.200,- € incl. VAT. 
(price example, plus transport to our workshop)

Both QuietTime Systems offer the following funtions:

Record and replay funtion 
Metronome with selectable tempo, clock, rhythm and volume 
2 headphone links (3,5mm TRS) 
Support for two pedals 
Stereo headphones 
Continuously variable volume control

QuietTime Silent System - Now with new Headphones

Best service. Long guarantee.
An now for your QuietTime Silent System:

All QuietTime Silent Systems come with a Sony headphone.

Sony Kopfhörer